Eamonn Byrne Foodpack Services, Unit 3, Roseville, Turvey Business Park, Donabate, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 843 6088 Mobile: +353 87 257 9020 Email: info@foodpack.ie

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  • unifood_salmon_deheader_ad1000
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  • unifood_ibex_electric_trimmer
  • unifood_ibex_pneumatic_trimmer
  • Varlet Fish Skinning & Processing Equipment
  • Varlet V108 Fish Scaler
  • Varlet V358 Fish Skinning Machine
  • Varlet V368 Fish Skinning Machine
  • Varlet V401 Fish Slicer
  • Varlet V438 Fish Skinning Machine
  • Varlet V568 Fish Skinning Machine
  • Varlet V588 Fish Skinning Machine
  • Varlet V648 Fish Skinning Machine
  • Varlet V1258 Automatic Fish Skinner
  • Varlet V1458 Automatic Fish Skinner
  • Varlet V1530 Automatic Fish Skinner
  • Varlet V1558 Automatic Fish Skinner
  • Varlet V1588 Automatic Fish Skinner
  • Varlet V1658 Automatic Fish Skinner
  • Varlet V2602P Automatic Fish Skinner
  • Varlet V3902P Industrial Fish Steak Slicer
  • Varlet Meat & Poultry Processing Equipment
  • Varlet V340/400 Series Membrane Removers/Derinders
  • Varlet V430 Series Membrane Removers/Derinders
  • Varlet V540 Series Membrane Removers/Derinders
  • Varlet V560 Membrane Remover
  • Varlet V580/680 Industrial Membrane Remover
  • Varlet V1330V Automatic Poultry Skinning Machine
  • Varlet V2602/2902 Chop & Meat Slicer
  • Varlet V3902/3902B Chop & Meat Slicer

Welcome to the website of Foodpack Services.

Our aim is to provide detailed information on the extensive range of machinery that we supply to the food industry throughout the 32 Counties of Ireland.

We supply BOSS Vakuum vacuum packaging machines, SALMCO fish slicing machines, Tecnovac tray sealing, Trifisk fish descalers, Uni-Food fish processing equipment and Varlet fish and meat processing equipment and machinery.

Foodpack Services continually strives to maintain the highest standard in machinery along with quality customer service and we provide an after-sales service / breakdown cover for our machines and also keep a stock of spare parts. We work with each customer individually to assess their needs with the aim of finding the perfect machine to suit their industry and their companies specific needs.

If you require any further information please call or e-mail us, see contact details at top of page.